Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One Printer

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One Printer, for $99.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Kodak EasyShare 5500 All-in-One Printer

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Lots of Amazon reviews to learn from. The average is 3 stars…

The experts at CNET give it a 6.1 too…

god, a refurb Kodak? isn’t that like a rebuilt Pinto? i do however like the cheap ink Kodak has, but at BestBuy they have the ESP print/scan/copy for $99, and the ink is only $15 for black cartridges, little more for color, but way cheaper than the other makers.

Will it make copies without having to turn the computer on or does it require software running on the computer to manage the copy process?

I’m not familiar with Kodak’s printers. How do they stack up to Lexmark?

Depends on how good you are at “printer Jenga.”

Price is nothing special.

You can get a brand new HP all-in-one from Sam’s Club that has all this does (less the card reader) for $22 less (and you can get a card reader for $10).

For $20 more, you get an HP with all these features (including the card reader and faster output), also from Sam’s.

In each case, you are getting brand new units, with fully warranties and Sam Club’s lifetime return policy.

Here’s a big pack of ink cartridges that is decently priced (as far as ink goes).

You get 3 colors and 5 blacks for $49 plus shipping. Might as well buy a few at a time and save on shipping.

These things are junk. So are it’s siblings, the 5100 and the 5300. All three are pretty much the same exact thing (as far as printing components), each just has different bells & whistles. It’s no wonder why they get re-furbed in the first place. Kodak even admitted to shipping out many off these with defective printheads, but I suppose since this is a re-furb you shouldn’t have to worry about that. Now you’ll only have to worry about all the other things wrong with these printers.

I’m not going to repost all the details, but I’ll post some links to them…




I bet there are ALOT of these around. DO NOT BUY…
My dad got one for Christmas last year, I helped pick it out and set it up on the 25th. Kept getting an error saying the ink cartridge was not installed. Tried tech support and was on hold for over an hour. Everybody else must have had the same problem. So, on the 26th we are off to Best Buy to exchange it. Best Buy has a big stack of returned ones already, that should have given us a clue. Get home and set it up the second one, it seems to be working for a few test pages and then the same thing. Pissed off, were on our way back to BB. Now there is a bigger stack of these behind the return counter.
Went home with a HP, and it worked great…
** Cliff notes - Do not buy this printer.

ink jet or laser jet?

I own one of these. DON’T BUY IT! I don’t care how cheap the ink is if I can’t do anything else with it.

Consistent problems include:
Auto feed won’t work
Scans papers very light, then scans final paper normal
HORRIBLE software, no intuition at all
Scan won’t work without software being used on PC
Fax won’t hook up correctly
Prints slowly
Print tray (holds color and b&w cartidges) needs replaced regularly

Bought one (open box) Ends up problem with it was setup. DON’T use a 4x6 for calibrating use a full sheet of paper will calibrate fine 4x6 will error out. Many were returned because of this instructions were to blame.

Not a stellar review:


Ha ha ha, I see what you did there.

They’re not so great. I’d recommend a canon or an epson. Though I lean more towards the canon.

out of all these reported problems I wonder which, if any, were fixed in the refurbishing process.

there was a defect in the printer head in the 2007 version… this is fixed in 2008 version… depending on which version you get. I got one and no problems so far… very cheap ink and i’ve printed over 100 photos

I thought Kodak’s were actually made by Lexmark.

As always with Kodak, absolutely no Linux support either.

neighbour has one that she uses for work… loves using it all the time… excpt replacing old ink (X_X)