Kodak Easyshare C763 7.1MP Digital Camera



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Kodak Easyshare C763 7.1MP Digital Camera
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Kodak Easyshare C763 7.1MP Digital Camera Silver or Copper

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Anyone else had bad luck with Kodak cameras? Iv’e been through tree in the last two years.


What is the shutter speed like on this? I have a similar EasyShare, and the shutter time is horrible.


nice copper color


I would say this is better than the polaroid that is on here sometimes


Hmmmm, this would be a real deal if the pictures would turn out right.


seems alright, lowest on pg is 99.99


I have a Cannon and I like it much better than my old Kodak.


I got the Polaroid before Xmas and it’s worked fine…would have rather had the Kodak for ten bucks cheaper though…oh well, til 1 AM tomorrow then




i own one of these and love it, i recommended to a friend who also loves theirs !


I need a decent pocket camera, something tells me I shouldn’t bother with this one.


anyone have this? is it any good?


My daughter has the C613 (6.2MP) version of this. She likes it, but it sucks up batteries like crazy since it HAS to use the LCD screen and there is no traditional viewfinder as an option to save battery power.


eh… im not big with cameras but if it came with the printing docking station id snatch it. night woot




Beware of the Proprietary Battery.


You can get these for much cheaper as a refurb…meh nicht so gut


Missprint on the zoom. the c763 has 3X optical and only 5X digital.