Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera w/5x Optical Zoom

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Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera w/5x Optical Zoom
$79.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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  • 1 Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p HD Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

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I have one of these, paid a lot more but it works great.

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p Digital Camera w/5x Optical Zoom, for $79.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Kodak EasyShare Z1275 12MP/720p HD Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

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froogle link, incase your interested in the camera. Pretty good deal.

Here’s a link to a ton of photos that were taken by this camera on Flickr!

Bought one here for $99 a couple of months ago. Good camera, decent pictures, works ok. It can eat its weight in batteries in a day though. Better invest in rechargables.

happy wooting, gnite

seems good…probably better than my Lumix LZ-5. unfortunately, I just spent the 85$ I had after selling a broken Cowon D2 on a 2gb sansa clip, Equation RP-21’s, and JVC marshmallows. Oh well.

so true. I have 2 (older models of course) but they are great indeed.

I got one of these from Woot earlier this year.

The only complaint I have is it’s clearly a refurb…The screen is loose and wiggles around and it doesn’t always turn on.

Also, make sure you buy a SDHC card if you plan on taking video or it’ll be choppy.

For $80 though, it’s not a bad deal.

My first digital camera did not have a view-finder BIG MISTAKE… never again

Does anyone know how good the lens is? That is what is most important, 12 MP is ridiculous and you don’t need that many MPS. If you have a god lens you can get great pictures out of a 1 MP camera. So back to my original question how good is the lens?

Le sigh. I too purchased this camera when it was available for $99. I would definitely say it’s worth it if you are not a serious photographer but still appreciate being able to capture really nifty images with a tiny device.

And yes, it does consume batteries very, very quickly (though my Eneloop rechargeables last longer than regular alkalines and do the job quite well).

Got this camera from woot before.

Works great… love it. Has some cool features like auto-stitching panoramic photos.

Some folks didn’t like a pause after a few pictures (writing to the SD card I suspect). I run in 6MP mode, not 12MP and the delay is not annoying to me.

Why is that?
Every digital camera I have owned has one but I NEVER used it, that’s why they have those nice LCD view finders.

Did Woot read my mind?

My Polaroid T737 that I bought from Woot some time ago, broke on Saturday thanks to an unfortunate incident with some change.

I loved that camera and this seems to be on par with it. I’m in for one.

Anyone who owns this camera can comment on the ease of use of its internal menus ?

I think it may be a good buy as a first camera for elderly or young people - unless it’s too complex to operate.

Don’t for a second believe that because this thing sports 12 megapixels that it automatically means the image is superior. Image quality is dependent on so many other factors, including the lens, the size of the sensor, the technology controlling capture, and the pieces in the chain post-capture.

Here’s a fantastic primer on digital camera specifications from Panavision and Canon - if you are into digital image capture, this one’s for you (see “Demystifying Digital Camera Specifications”):

And for a more direct discussion on megapixels, professional photographer Ken Rockwell offers up a great thesis on the subject:

Of course, if you’re shopping for an inexpensive point and shoot, I suppose none of this is very relevant.


100% “ditto”.

I love the camera… It’s small, fits well in the hand, has a great set of features, it’s a great deal

Battery wise, I run Duracell 2650mah rechargables in it and have no complaints.

WOW! $182.59 at amazon!