Kodak HERO 5.1 AIO Wi-Fi Printer

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Kodak HERO 5.1 AIO Wi-Fi Printer
$69.99 + $5 Standard OR $20 Two-Day OR $23 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Maybe first to comment? But boo for no map.

This printer is perfect for scanning and printing maps

Buy three, cheapo ink.

They are just messing with us once the map is completed it’s going to Read… HA You wasted your whole day!

THAT is EXACTLY why I need this! How did you know?

If only you knew… http://www.woot.com/forums/viewpost.aspx?postid=5170466&pageindex=1&replycount=101

…my husband pointed and laughed at me

I wonder how much productivity woot eats away from workers during woot-offs. Free thesis idea!!! Now ya can’t say I didn’t give you anything for free.

Despite Kodak’s claim o having the lowest cost ink, keep in mind that the three colors come in a single cartridge. That usually means lots of waste since you need to replace the entire cartridge even if only one color runs out. It’s not cost effective in the long run. More expensive printers use one cartridge per color.

The color and black catridges


Kodak HERO? More like Blowdak ZERO, amirite?

Where ya gonna get the ink cartridges for this dodo bird five years from now? Don’t count on this being a long term investment.

If you’re looking for linux compatibility with Kodaks, forget it. There is a printing driver, but it has odd quirks.

And I’ve never successfully scanned to a Linux machine - have to use the USB drive connector on the printer.

WARNING THIS PRINTER USES COLOR INK WHEN PRINTING IN BLACK AND WHITE!! A friend has this and it will not print at all if you are out of color ink, so that low cost black ink means nothing. Even Kodak themselves admit to it, it “enhances the printed material.” Which really means they charge more for color ink, and want you to buy more color ink. Other than that its not a bad printer.