Kodak HERO 5.1 AIO Wi-Fi Printer

this one again? Weren’t people just talking about this yesterday?

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Kodak HERO 5.1 AIO Wi-Fi Printer
$67.99 + $5 Standard OR $20 Two-Day OR $23 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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The one from last night was the 6.1, not the 5.1. I looked because I thought it was the same one as well.

While I don’t have anything in particular against Kodak, I do not personally like wireless printers. I have an Epson and it is always causing trouble - making me reset my wireless router, the printer, and/or my laptop. Trust me, use a cord - they always work.

One penny off! Plus pressure!

AAH! Right you are! I see the difference now (still a crappy printer lol)

This is exactly what my experience with printers was missing - WIFI. Now there’s an idea. Now I can add reseting my wifi connection to the list of issues to figure out why in gods name my printer won’t give me my homework. Sign me up for 2 so I have a backup when I break the first one Office Space style.

Why do they have Woot Plus! if they are just going to sell the same crap in the WootOff? There is nothing I can’t stand more than items being for sale in two to three different places on the same site with slightly different prices.