Kodak HERO 5.1 AIO Wi-Fi Printer



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Kodak HERO 5.1 AIO Wi-Fi Printer
$59.99 + $5 Standard OR $20 Two-Day OR $23 One-Day Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Kodak wi-fi printers kind of suck


Another “All-in-one” that’s NOT all. Is it a printer? Yup.
Is it a copier? Yup.
Is it a scanner? Yup.
Is it a fax machine? Nope.

It used to be that “All in one” meant printer/copier/scanner/fax. Apparently fax capabilities no longer matter. When did that transition happen?


Scanned the specs…2 million forms of wireless printing, not a single bloody one of them is just plain old wifi. Why? Stupid, stupid, stupid printer manufacturers, why can’t you just follow the path of the computer industry and make a product that fucking PRINTS?


LOL faxes.


About 10 or 15 years ago when people realized e-mailing a scan was easier and better than sending a fax.


Apparently you’ve never dealt with any law firms. Faxing something is accepted by the courts as proof of delivery/service so they’re very popular.

I don’t need to fax anything very often any more (scan to PDF and e-mail mostly) but when you need it it’s a PITA to have to go to Kinkos to fax something…




did i miss the bucket of condoms yet?


Silly woot word filter… Oh wait…


Click on community and check for yourself. I’ll say yes, you did miss the box of chips so there will be one less person hammering f5.


I have a Kodak all-in-one…not this model…the one I have doesn’t have a flip up screen like this but otherwise it looks similar…it takes the same ink…the 30 series…and all I do is buy ink it seems. I bought the prinker since the box advertised “lowest ink replacement cost”…not true!


Quality aside, why would you want a printer from a company that’s not going to be making them anymore?



why would you want a printer that doesn’t let you just print in black and white?


yeh. shoot again.