Kodak Internal Solid State Drive 480GB

Kodak Internal Solid State Drive 480GB

Soooooooo despite all the “intelligence” in the comment section on this drive in the past, these ended up being decent drives. Is that why they are 17 dollars more now?
That is really the only thing that is stopping me from buying another couple. (knowing what I paid the first time)

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The last sales were old inventory that we were moving out. This is a new sale, new inventory, new price.

Just a reference for you kids: In 1995 I bought a Maxtor 550 megabyte drive that was capable of sustained audio/video recording for $1,000. It did pay for itself, as I was doing a project that ended up making me $35,000.

Today, I use a $250 (new!) laptop from Woot that earns me $400 per week. That’s all I use it for, as I don’t want to clog it up with crap.

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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but memory prices have been creeping up recently. I’ve picked up some AData 240 GB drives for $23 before. Those same drives are $40 now.

3 days ago, I reviewed a Fattydove Racing SSD (on Reddit) when it was just over $20. It was $22-ish yesterday and it’s just shy of $23 now. The 240 also went up by nearly $6.

I think it was about 1988, and I remember seeing an 80 megabyte Seagate for $999 in the Computer Shopper. That was exciting!

(Controller sold separately.)
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business logic understood… (but not accepted)
doesn’t change a thing.
It’s not like going to W-mart and going to the clearance section and getting some towels and then next week going to the regular aisle and not wanting to pay full price for the exact same towels…
Has something changed? Is woot not a closeout outlet? ALL of the inventory is old… It would be more like going to BigLots and buying those towels, where they have no reason to have a clearance section… or at least no reason do differentiate between old vs new(or rather new old vs old old).

It is what it is, I’m just saying, that’s not a very good reason…

I can much easier accept the overall price of memory creeping up reason… still a no though…

Well, I don’t know the reason for the new price. I just know it’s a new price per our buyer. Likely, our price went up from our vendor.

It may have been sooner, it dropped into my 486 and I was in heaven. A SCSI drive, I think.