Kodak MAX Alkaline Batteries - 5 Sizes

**Item: **Kodak MAX Alkaline Batteries - 5 Sizes
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I’ve only used them in small gadgets (remote controls, mouse, etc) however they have held up quite nicely. Always good to have some spare batteries around.

I’ve always wanted to try “Kadak” batteries. Did Kadak acquire Kodak?

There are very few purchases on Woot I have regretted, but this is one of them. These batteries are completely junk. For example when used in a automatic soap dispenser a standard battery will last apx 6 months. These will last maybe 1 month. The only reason I haven’t thrown them all away is I feel guilty filling up a land fill without using them. The good news is they don’t last long at all so I should be through the two packs I ordered in no time.

Same here, they do not hold a charge, not worth buying!

Silly wooter. Typos are fun! It’s fixed.

Interesting. I have the exact opposite experience. I ordered 2 AA and 1 AAA packs a long time ago (a year+?), and I’ve had plenty of good experiences with the longevity. I think I have at least some credibility with the issue, as I have a three-year-old son, and believe me when say that he’s got too dern many toys, and all of them seem to take batteries.

I’m strongly considering getting the C and D ones now, even though we don’t need them very often.

(FWIW, I don’t store them in the fridge, just out in the garage.)

I have some DIY projects that were designed to use the AA sized batteries. One project in particular draws about an amp per 3-4 second use periodically throughout the day, and I’ll get about a week’s worth of use before the power output drops too low to produce the desired effect. so getting these in bulk at a decent price works well for me. good timing as well, seeing as I am just about out of batteries from the last time I stocked up.

unfortunately all my used batteries aren’t really dead, just low. so I have a box of a couple hundred AA batteries that have just enough charge to do nothing useful with, but aren’t exactly dead either.

why not go rechargeable? I haven’t found one that provides the same voltage or amperage output as their non-rechargeable counterpart. that 0.3v difference can be a big deal sometimes.

does anybody have any ideas on what to do with tons of half-used batteries? I only have so many remote controls to stuff’em in.

also, this time around, I need a pack of AA as well as AAA (and wouldn’t mind picking up some 9v too), but it seems that I can only pick one type for ordering.

You just order different times for each one. Select one, hit order. Then select another, and hit order again.

I’ve had good luck with these Kodak Alkaline batteries. The Fuji Heavy Duty batteries that woot sold a while back were complete junk.

According to http://www.batteryshowdown.com/results-hi.html the kodak batteries are almost as good as the kirkland (Costco) but are a much better deal (see the cost per Ah chart - smaller is better)

I’ve had these AA batteries, bought both from Woot! and locally, and never had any problems with them. I mostly use them in a couple of my handheld scanners, and they last almost exactly the same amount of time as Duracell. Maxell, or Energizer’s do. I’m ordering another load of them in a couple of minutes.

We have evil Furbys, and my kids love them and play all the time with them. And I use these in them, and they last longer than the Energizer one’s my mother put in them when she gave them to the kids at Christmas, those lasted 5 and 6 days. On average we are getting 10 to 14 days on these, with the same amount of play.

ahh… in previous experiences, once you made an order, you could not order it again and would be met with a message that an order for the day has already been made. has this limitation been removed?

FWIW, Home Depot accepts small batteries for recycling. Fluorescent bulbs too. Recycle bins are in the store near the return desk as a rule.

Aren’t those for rechargeable batteries?


In short, yes. :slight_smile:

Woot is now an all you can order, as much as you can order destination. (Okay, I might be exaggerating a bit there.)

The old “Give an inch, take a mile” trick.

I’ve bought several packs last September in AAA and AA. These are among the worst batteries I’ve used. Ray-O-Vac batteries from Wal-Mart have a better life than these Kodak batteries. Wooters beware.