Kodak MAX Alkaline Batteries - 5 Sizes

**Item: **Kodak MAX Alkaline Batteries - 5 Sizes
Price: $14.99
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7/5/2013 - $9.99-14.99 - 7 comment(s)

Bought double and triple A’s last time offered. Didn’t power husband’s gps when hiking last week and they were new, second attempt said low battery on the display. Seems to work ok for the remotes. :-[

Funny thing, I have a Garmin 12XL GPS that is circa 1999-2000, and it said the same Low Battery warning with new Kodak AAs installed. I did not try with other brand AAs though, so can’t say it is the Kodak’s for sure.

Lets read how this matches up over at batteryshowdown.com

looks like there are 51 comments, not 7

How long has kodak been out of business now? How old are these

Would love to, however I don’t see Kodak MAX on the list. I see Kodak Extra which did well, and regular Kodak which did not so well… no Kodak MAX

Bought a bunch on previous Woot. Sub par performance in all devices tested.YMMV

Random notes:

There are only six or seven companies that make alkaline batteries in the whole world. (Nobody can prove how many factories in China.) All the different brands contract with the same six or seven companies which just manufacture them with the contracted brand labels. Some are very slightly better than others, but there’s not much variation in a standard “alkaline battery”.

The batteryshowdown site is a British site, so they have some varieties only available in England, and what is listed there may not be the exact same battery as available in US with the same brand type. That is, something branded one way in England may, for the US market, be manufactured by a different company.

Even Duracell, which does make its own alkalines, contracted their brand label to be put on certain batteries manufactured by Panasonic/Sanyo - the first runs of “Duracell Pre-Charged” were really Sanyo Eneloops. At least.

For a time, “Kodak” branded alkaline batteries in US were absolutely positively made by or contracted from Panasonic, and Sanyo made them for Panasonic (Panasonic owns Sanyo). I know this for a fact. But that does not necessarily mean that THESE batteries on woot were made by Panasonic. Kodak may have changed suppliers.

It is my GUESS that woot, and Kodak, is here blowing out “Kodak” batteries that Kodak contracted before Kodak’s reorganization. They are more likely newer than older. Kodak has been selling off anything they can as fast as they can for a few years, and they probably contracted a few years ago to receive a steady supply of these batteries for a few years. These are probably fresh off the boat or only a month or two older than that. If they were older stock, Kodak would have dumped them to woot and others sooner. They have done this several times in the past year or two. Kodak has to move these and get some money back fast as the boats come in. Again this is a GUESS.

So consider all this just some odd historical trivia and trade secrets, but I can’t tell you what these specific batteries are. But being “Kodak”, I expect they’re OK. Whatever else Kodak did to itself, they never sold junk.

Definitely no. AC Delco, Kodak, and FujiFilm’s batteries are sub par. They’re as good as the dollar store brand. They dont last long at all in cameras and Wii-motes. Expect some to die faster than others.

Buyer Beware. These batteries are horrible. They are re-labeled batteries (same kinds you find at cheap dollar store or generic brand). However, Consumer Reports does give the Costco-brand Kirkland Signature brand AA batteries the highest reports on AA batteries, these are certainly made in another factory somewhere without the same performance.

Here’s what I know. Not guessing, speculating or comparing how long they will keep my nerdy RC Helicopter aloft:

I have been using these Woot-purchased batteries for the last 19-months. Kodak and AC/Delco. I use them in wireless microphones. I get a full performance out of them, then they are recycled as rehearsal batteries. So I’m getting 3-4 hours of RF transmission for > 35% off the wholesale club price.

BUYER BEWARE: You can only get 3 at a time. [insert smiley emoticon here]

Kodak is still in business.

I bought the AA ones last time. Although I wasn’t thrilled with the performance, I was satisfied enough to buy them again today. Good deal!

Got these last time around, they seem OK in slow draw devices like remotes, but were useless for my Fenix flashlight. They also seem to lose charge somehow even when sitting in a drawer as they now show a 3/4 charge on my tester.

I bought the AA pack last time as well and absolutley agree with the comments here-- they are good fro remotes, horrible for flashlights, Wii remotes, cameras, and most other electronic devices.

Heck, my computer mouse that I’m using to type up this comment goes through 1 a week. Just horrible. I’m using them now just to get them out of the house… back to Enerloops for me!

Have a two year old with many battery powered toys, as well as the standard tv remotes etc. These batteries have worked well in all devices so far…but I don’t think any of the toys are extremely high draw as far as power consumption goes (i.e. if you turn it on and interact with it then it’s flashing, rolling, etc…but if you don’t interact it’s just sitting there turned on).

I have these from previous WOOT sales. Maybe I got lucky, but I have not had bad experience operating any device with these. I have the a pair in my wireless keyboard and mouse going strong for about 10 months and use them in the kids toys without issue. My cameras and flashlights all take different batteries so I can’t vouch for high discharge devices, but for simple devices they perform on par with other batteries I have purchased.

Same here, with AA and AAA sets I got 6 months ago from Woot.