Kodak Silver 12 Megapixel Digital Camera with 5x Optical Zoom

woooo 1st again :stuck_out_tongue:


Not bad…

According to PC World Kodak has the highest defect rate. Right about like Samsung.

Have fun.

12 megapixels is so unnecessary for just point and shoot.

Not a fan of plastic dials (to change camera modes). They get less flexible after a while.

OH DEAR GOD NO… I bought one of these before, respiffied Kodak, and even Kodak couldn’t get it right. It still didn’t work even after being sent to kodak for repair.

12 mp might be “unnecessary” but i have to attest to this camera’s high res. it really does take high quality pictures that are never blurry and can be blown up huge without pixelation. at a good price. just saying.

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