Kodak Smart Charger Bundle

That’s true only in devices that you seldomly use, i.e. flashlights and emergency radios. For device you use daily though, i.e. cordless phones and remote controls, the higher capacity means longer times between charging. Or in the case of the phone, longer talk time. Another example are tools. I have an electric screwdriver and drill that uses AA batteries. When I’m working on a large project, I need them to last the entire day and 2100mAh may not cut it.

Wondering the same thing for my Youngnuo YN560. I was really considering the Eneloops but I heard the AA kit with the charger isn’t those “smart ones” and it only charges in pairs so I was going for the Sony Cycle Energy. I was actually going to Costco tomorrow to see if they still have the Eneloops for sale there still, so I guess I need to research tonight before I get the Kodaks.

Also, anyone know how much recharge cycles these can go for?

@sdc100: I’ve read about the NiZn also for flashes, but I fear it would harm my already delicate Youngnuo. Plus I’ve read the charger it bundles with isn’t that great too.

Edit: So this charges in pairs too… But the fact that you’ll get two chargers (not considering the fast charger) is rather tempting.

Edit 2: Does anyone have an idea exactly what model numbers the batteries are?

In for 3.

Thanks for the response. I’ve been looking for some good rechargeable batteries for a few months now, mostly for use in my Turtle Beach PX5 gaming headset. With normal name-brand Alkaline batteries (it takes 2 AA), I would get roughly 12-15 hours of regular use, and about 7-10 with bluetooth turned on at the same time.

However, my wife bought a huge pack of cheap alkaline batteries (seriously, a few sheets of paper weigh more than a single battery), and when using those I’ll get maybe 2-4 hours without BT.

Turtle Beach says the PX5 will operate with 2 AA rechargeable NiMH batteries, however, I often go a few weeks without touching them so low self-discharge cells would be nice. The only issue I can see is that when I do use the headset it’s often for a substantial duration of time, so high capacity is needed as well.

I guess in the end, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but since this does come with 12 batteries (that I HOPE are LSD) and a quick-charge kit, I suppose I can still take the cake and lick the batter :stuck_out_tongue:

These are great low self-dischage NiMH batteries which are comparable to Sanyo’s original Eneloops. Measured current capacity on these tends to slightly exceed spec. At this price, the chargers are essentially like a free bonus. The batteries alone are worth the selling price.

The one hour charger is best used for those times when you need your batteries to be charged quickly. Use the standard chargers in favor of the one hour charger when possible for the greatest number of actual recharge cycles and longest overall battery life. The one hour charger (like all fast chargers) will with repeated use have at least some detrimental effect on total usable battery charge cycles and overall battery life.

In for three. Will be giving some of these away for gifts during the approaching faster than you think Xmas season…if I don’t wind up giving them away sooner during hurricane season.

Nice Woot!

These are definitely LSD batteries. By definition, all NiMH batteries that come “pre-charged” are LSD batteries. No worries, mate. No worries. Go ahead and lick that batter.

But if your electric screwdriver is high current, regular NiMH batteries might not supply as much current as you need nor last as long.

I do hope they are LSD batteries. I don’t need any more regular NiMH batteries that barely last half as long in high current situation.

How many hours does the std charger take to charge these batteries? I have a 1,4 and 2x8 hr charger. Don’t want any more ultra slow chargers. Or more specifically what is the current capability of the chargers.

I use most of these batteries for my scuba equipment, whether it is 10w LED torch (1.2v * 4 * 2A give me just about 1 hr of burn time), backup torch, or camera plus external strobes. The think I hate the most is to open the housing up to change the batteries, with each opening the case having the possibility of having lint trapped between the o-ring and having the housing flood the next time I go down (which happened to me just last time). These LSD seem to last 50-100% longer than regular NiMH. Sometimes when I have too many batteries being charged and have to revert to regular NiMH, I will tend to turn the LCD off and not shoot unless it is something unique, and when shooting, do 2/3 as many shots as usual.

Using the ORIGINAL Eneloops as a reference, these have 1000 recycles. The newest Eneloops are rated for 1500 cycles. For me, the 500 additional cycles are meaningless and not worth the extra cost. Considering that I recharge my batteries once a week at most, 1000 cycles means 19 years of service! I’ll lose my batteries long before that. And my remote control batteries are only charged monthly, which means a whopping 83 years of service… So who needs the new Eneloops with 1500 cycles???

As far as I know, Kodak only sells one model of pre-charged batteries. Actually, I don’t think they even sell AAA batteries because those aren’t used in cameras. As such, you probably don’t need a model number to search for info.

Well after 72 batteries, what’s another 12?

At this price, you should probably grab them just for the batteries and worry about the charger later. One search on eBay and you’d see that even questionable unknown Chinese brands (i.e. Enelong) cost more – and they don’t come with chargers. My guess is that these will sell out by 2p ET so don’t wait too long.

As for chargers, I’d suggest getting a separate high quality intelligent charger, i.e. a LaCrosse or Maha PowerEx. Search Amazon for reviews. Not only will they intelligently charge your batteries , but they can also analyze and “refresh” them. The LaCrosse, for example, can tell you your batteries true capacity. And if your batteries no longer hold a charge well, it can deep discharge/recharge multiple times until the battery reaches its maximum capacity. This refresh function can take several days. Multiple charging rates allow you to slow charge (200mAh) to protect the battery, or to fast charge to save time (1000mAh).

As for the PowerGenix NiZn charger that comes with the batteries, it’s nothing special. There are no real options to select.

If you trust batteries from questionable unknown Chinese companies, a search on eBay shows that LSD batteries goes up to 3000mAh. I’m skeptical though and have had bad experiences with eBay battery purchases.

Since you get 12 batteries in this set, simply keep 10 always charged while you use two in your headphones. Then you probably won’t notice the low 2100mAh …although it’ll probably be annoying to suddenly have to change batteries amidst an exciting fight.

Can these be used with a solar charger, like in a landscape light?

Kodak’s pdfs for SC4 and SC1HR are at: Kodak Support.
Charging time w/SC4, 2100mAh is listed as 1.1hr. I don’t see any ref to SLD.
For the price of the batteries alone, I’m in for 1.

Looks to be a great deal. I love great deals. Now do I buy one great deal,two or maybe three great deals? I am a flashlight junkie,with three great deals I could power up most of my flashlights at the same time and I would be visible to the Mars Rover at night. What to do,what to do?


I went with three - Christmas presents.

Noob question: Can you use these in Wii controls or do you need something more powerful and longer lasting?

If I buy two deals my wife will just roll her eyes a few times. If I buy three I will have get the old “we need to talk about …” comment and that always scares me.

The deal is done,bought two. Let the eye rolling begin.

Can it handle 220V input ?