Kodak Theater HD Player

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Kodak Theater HD Player
$49.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kodak 8032187 Theater Wireless HD Player w/ Gyro-based Wireless Pointer Remote

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Here’s the product website and online support for the product.

play dvd iso?

So does this play DVDs?

Makes me wonder what’s with the remote. Can you get carpel tunnel from a standard remote and will this prevent it?

Wonder if this will eventually integrate with Netflix…

If only this had a Netflix channel, what is the possibility of it in the future do yous think?

Wow $150 at amazon

3.5 starts of 5 at amazon

Will this play non-HD videos stored on a memory card on non-HD TVs?

lol you read my mind! Great posters think alike!

Would this do anything different that connecting a laptop to the TV through the S-Video connection wouldn’t do?

Why would I want this instead of just using one of my laptops plugged into my HDTV?

Will this play my Blu Ray discs?

Does anyone know if this will play hulu?

I own a WDTV, which is a box that works something like this in functionality, but made by Western Digital.

I love the thing, and so does the family. We use it all the time. It makes viewing videos and pictures so much easier. Before we owned it, all our home videos were stored away on a backup disc somewhere; now they sit as well on the WDTV drive, ready to be viewed by anyone when they feel like it.

For the price, this is seemingly a great deal. My WDTV cost $100 and does not have networking of any sort.

That said, I do not know how well the Kodak brand compares to Western Digital.

Video in case you didn’t like the poop song.

Because laptops don’t sell for 50 bucks

for people who don’t have the option…