Kodak Theater HD Player


lol HD-DVD player?

Gyro remote is cool as hell tho!


Pffsht… Theatre is where it’s at, people!

bought one of these during the last woot-off, its awesome.

I want one, but I question its uses.

It’s not an hd-dvd player…

It looks like a PS2…

If im not mistaken, this is basically Apple TV?

Can you stream content from the computer?


Does this work for photos taken on any camera, or just for ones taken with a Kodak?

These Woots are going faster than Wooters to a Woot-Off!

No Netflix streaming. Pfft.

WOW! to the Korean poop song. just wow.

you can play video and view pics off your computer and view youtube videos…

But can you watch HULU?

If it is, it’s for less than 1/4 the price.

Is it just me, or is there a signal/noise problem in the forum?

Got one last time and still haven’t figured out what it does?

Not even if it’s from your computer, which you’re getting the videos from?