Kodak USB Power Pack

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Kodak USB Power Pack
$7.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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will it work with my iPhone5 ? snicker

If I didn’t already have a portal solar charger I’d be down :X

You’ll have to buy $50 of adapters, but suuure it will!

Shouldn’t it read: At last, a company that is AS defunct as Caribbean piracy!

It’s funny because it’s no longer a meme, it’s a plausible concern.

The concept is good (I have some of the Duracell power packs & like them), but 1000mAh is too low a capacity; a deal breaker for me.

hmmm… at 1000mAh, this thing has half the juice as Moto’s new RAZR M… you’d need two to keep it charged

1 Amp output is, IIRC, twice that of a standard USB 2.0 port; but it’s still not enough to charge a power-hungry modern tablet (my Acer tablet draws 1.5Am for instance).

So close! But yet so far.

I like the duracells also. Do you know–would this charge an ipad?

You mean the iPhone 5 with the Laser Keyboard and Holographic display???

These things rock. I use it for my iPhone 4s, my Samsung camera, a Droid…you name it!

I have one in my purse, on in my husband’s truck, and one with my stepdaughter who never charges her phone. Now her boyfriend gets one :slight_smile:

I am in for 2. Hoping they will charge my Milestone X and Droid X2 phones, but if not they should work for my MP3 players.

You pay your money, you take your chances.

Off to bed again. RogetRay is here now too. Everyone say hi!

so are we suppose to find like a website or something to go to, to find the treasure? or what exactly? im confused :frowning:

Right, because the USB cable that will come with the new iPhone won’t plug into the USB receptacle on this charger.

Man, I was hoping to grab these to power a couple of Raspberry Pi units. With the currently-shipping Model B, you’re looking at maybe an hour of uptime, depending on load.

I’m looking for more like 7-8000mAh to give me some time, and maybe a little additional load from a hub or something. This is a dud deal - bigger power supplies are available at a significantly lower mAh/dollar ratio.

The person above who has a tablet that pulls 1.5A - you’d get a nice toasty boost of ~40 minutes off this!

Night TT… we’ll still be here looking for map pieces when you come back.

Hello RR… I hope you got some sleep before you checked in. It’s been a LONG day on my end of the computer but I have to see the map finished.

High!! Sleep tight!!