Kodak V1003 10 Megapixel Digital Camera

Plus the 5x optical instead of 3x…

I got one of these the other week when they were on woot proper, and we are quite satisfied with it.
It’s no Nikon, but its good for the little we paid for it.

Battery life is good. Picture is acceptable, as long as you don’t go into the digital zoom and just make due with the 3x Optical.

Bought this camera before the last “real” Woot Off last month. Have been very satisfied with it. The battery cell charged in about 2 hours, and I have not plugged it in since then. I have been taking pictures with it from time to time, but definitely have been giving it use. It has held it’s charge for the better part of the last 3 weeks, without any worries.

It’s not a super high end camera, but it serves as an excellent point and shoot camera. It powers up quickly and the LCD screen is large and clear.

Considering this camera retails at Wal-Mart or Best Buy at close to $200, this deal is quite nice and IMHO worth it. Though the blue one was not available when I ordered it. :frowning:

So where is this 12MP HD video camera now for $100?

it was sold out.

The thread for this on regular Woot is [link]http://www.woot.com/Forums/ViewPost.aspx?PostID=2100776[/link]

Bad Review of the camera on CNet.

In for 1 Woot

You don’t have to use the Kodak software, I don’t. And if you don’t have the kodak software installed and you plug the camera in it’s base and push the send to computer Windows Picture and Scanner wizard pops up immediately.

Woot has a lot of color choses today

I know that girl.

I miss that girl.

I’ve had this camera for a few months now and I have to tell you I was disappointed from the day I bought it. It CAN take an excellent picture (once in a while), but for the most part shots are either too washed out or way too dark. I’m not new to digital cameras so I know how to use them. In either auto or manual mode it’s almost impossible to get a good picture with this guy. Shutter lag is dreadfully slow; you’ll miss the action every time. Videos shot with this camera are grainy and dark. What a stinker!

I bought this last month on woot… placed it in my pocket and the back LCD literally broke the 2nd day I used it. I probably took 10 pictures, and now the POS is ruined. The LCD broke from being in my pocket, but I’ve carried IPODs / PDAs/ Cameras & Phones in my same pockets for years and I have never ever had this happen.

i bought this a few weeks ago on woot. it’s a pretty nice little camera. not the highest quality, of course, but i think it’s pretty good.

What the hell are you talking about?

I bought this last time around and the Cam Wizard works perfect. Plug it in, it pops up, you hit next several times, done.

This is a great little Cam for the price.

is shipping on schedule? its been 5 days and im impatient because i want to see if i spent good money. ne one know ne thing?

I was just coming to see the same thing. I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation yet. I figured it wouldn’t be here before I left on my trip this weekend, but I was hoping I’d at least have an idea when it would get here before I left…

I got mine today in Columbus Ohio. I never received a shipping notification. No problem, because it made my day to see the FedEx guy walk up with a WOOT box!

Camera seems real nice for a refurb. No problems so far.

I love the camera, it is great for a casual photographs. I was disappointed when I went to put the battery in and there was a big REFURBISHED sticker on it. I had no idea it was refurbished. It works perfectly, and I am happy with it, I just felt deceived.

I have bought numerous items from Woot in the past, but this time when I bought this camera, all I got was an empty box. Yes, it appears to have been opened and resealed… probably by someone at FEDEX, but I still never got a camera. My big complaint is that I have been writing to Woot since last Friday and now it is Tuesday with no response. I feel like I am being ignored by Woot, as in “go away, we are busy!”


Hang in there. The service department gets a little backed up, as they’re not in the office over the weekend. I’ll try to ping someone in the morning.