Kodak V803 8MP Digital Camera



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Kodak V803 8MP Digital Camera
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Kodak V803 8MP Ultra-Compact Digital Camera

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ewww kodak… don’t expect much from it


I like it. In 4 1


were is my view finder ?


A camera from an actual name brand on Woot that isn’t Mustek? Definitely looks like it’s worth it, but I like my Casio Exilim.


Dammit, I wish it was a Canon A-series.


Benjamin looks counterfit. Be aware.


wow i like it, but i already have a camera that im happy with


Review from CNET:

Product summary

The good: Comes in several different colors.

The bad: Awkward, unresponsive controls; terrible noise; mediocre performance.

The bottom line: Unless you absolutely need a camera in your favorite color, give this one a pass.

That says it all!


Awesome camera. My wife has one, and it gives great pictures.



DCRP Review


Is Kodak not the brand to buy? or just this model.


wheres the printer that goes with this deal, the kodak printer?

I got 2 of them about 3 weeks ago, printer and camera for 149.99. This is still a deal the camera sells for 169.99


Good price and a good brand…Kodak makes an awesome camera


Havent heard many good things about kodak digital cameras.


For someone that just wants to use a digital camera casually this will be perfect. Don’t expect the greatness of other brands, but it will get the job done.


Why does Kodak make good film but horrible cameras?


I have one of these, it’s great.