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Dang…isn’t it woot’s birthday?

no BOC?

Hippy berfday!

happy birthday!!

Exactly! Where’s my BOC?!

And what is woot quest?

What is woot! Quest?

no bad of crap…

stayed up super late for nothing.

Wheres the bday carp?

What? No crap?

Happy birthday Woot!

What is Woot! Quest?

its your bday and no crap booooo

Happy birthday wootquest!

Happy birthday, woot!

Ahh the joys of sharing a birthday with Woot :smiley:

WTF! Where is BOC and what’s the deal with this thing?

NO BOC, happy annisversary anyway

whiskey tango foxtrot.
Is this one of them puzzles for BOC?

I was thinking the same thing. Where is my bag of crap?!? I’ve been waiting a year for this?