Kodak Wireless All-in-One Printer

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Kodaks are usually pretty cheap on ink.

Just about the cheapest on ink. Their color cartidges also contain a white and greyscale ink. From firsthand experience they are the best photo quality prints on a printer under 300. I have heard some complaints about their printheads and noise. This model retails for 249.99, very nice deal.

3.5* on Amazon

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I paid $59.99 for an HP that does all this (less the card reader) at Sam’s Club last fall.

The good, part un: When I bought this printer, it was ridiculously cheap compared to the Epson, HP, and Lexmark counterparts I was also looking at.

The good, part deux: The price for replacement ink for these Kodak AI1’s absolutely cannot be beat (back when I had mine, they were 10 bucks). They’re about the only company out there that doesn’t try to completely rip you off on that front.

The good, part trois: It was an efficient printer, a far cry from the ink hogs that are Lexmarks

The bad, part énorme: Unfortunately, the device is garbage. The first one I had lasted about 6 weeks before the print head on it went bad and had to be replaced. Rather than send me another print head, Kodak sent me a whole new printer (and let me keep my old one for some reason). The replacement lasted about 3 weeks before the scanner stopped working. The 3rd one lasted about 3 months before the print head on it, too, went bad. At this point, I decided I was running out of room for defective printers in my garage, and just gave up. Not only that, but the software is incredibly clunky and a ridiculously slow download and setup.

These days, I’m back to Epson.

They are cheap on ink…but the ink does not last very long. I rarely use my printer but I run out of ink after just a few pages.

I got this one in a previous woot a few weeks back. Works very well. Was very happy with my purchase of it. The wireless is not 100% for me, I have had it drop several times and have to power it off and back on for it to connect again but signal in that room is not great so it is understandable.

Here is some interesting and useless information about the origins of the brand name “Kodak”. This information is found on the world’s most reliable and accurate source of information available: Wikipedia.

Only partially functional under Linux.


Best Buy has 150 reviews for this printer. 3.8 stars.

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By the way, product website:


and manual link for the 9200 series:


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great pic from the last time this wuz offered.

Looks like a good price, here’s a C-net review.

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