Kodak Xtralife Alkaline Batteries - 72pk



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Kodak Xtralife Alkaline Batteries - 72pk
$14.99 + $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Finally… batteries that are actually alkalines and not “Super Heavy Duty” ones.


I’m Super Charged about this woot.


What is the difference? Sorry, but my ignorance is showing…


Seems like a really good deal to me. Reviews on Amazon aren’t that great but how often do you buy batteries and when they work as you expected you run off to give them a great review.

It’s only when they don’t work good that you’re driven to tell people your opinion. So considering there aren’t tons of negative reviews i’d say these are probably decent batteries.


Perfect timing. Just this morning I decided to buy batteries the next time they came up.


Kodak is no longer in the battery business. These batteries leak.

[MOD (TT): Do you have personal experience on this? All I found was one review (of 3 total) on Amazon.]


With $5 shipping it comes out to $0.27/battery if you just buy one set.

Amazon has a 48 pack of Maxell alkaline batteries for ~ $0.24/battery if you order enough for free shipping.


Of the 3 reviews I read, one said theirs leaked, one said great, and the other said the blister pack packaging was bad.


Dang, that’s a powerful deal.


For a site with such a green theme, this is not a very green offer. Seriously though, if you would ever find yourself in need of 72 batteries, why not “splurge” on a few rechargeables? LOL hippies…


Most (all?) alkalines will leak if allowed to drain all the way to nothing. And they all use the same basic chemistry, so no wonder.


I’ve sold many kodak products at my store and even some of the 3+ year old stock never had leaky batteries.


Just in time for the end of the world in 4 months. Thanks Woot!


Keep in mind that Kodak has discontinued most of its business so upgrades and firmware updates are unlikely! So buy at your own risk. :slight_smile:


Isn’t Kodak out of business? I thought it was being split up into parts and only the patents really had value…

So what’s up with these batteries? are they new old stock or are they being produced by someone who bought the rights to the name thinking they would sell more batteries than if they used their own name? (not like Kodak was know for batteries anyway)


In for 6 on 2 accounts. Need 648 volts to drive my flux capacitor.


This is a great deal. At first I expected “heavy duty” batteries, then I expected them to be expired or very close to expiring when I saw they were alkaline.

I might have to jump on these, even though my battery stockpile is fairly large.


Thanks sdc100, you’re always so practical! :wink: