Kodak Xtralife Alkaline Batteries - 72pk

So is Xtralife something that is actually better? Or is it like longer lasting lightbulbs at the dollar store?

Probably more advertising than anything else, these are normal Alkaline batteries that are still usable after sitting for years unused, of course they won’t be 100% if you try using one after 10 years, but they won’t be totally unusable.

…I still haven’t even opened the ones I got from last month.

Not rechargeable? Not interested. Cool for you though if you are.

I’m waiting to hear from one of the many battery experts here on woot to tell me if these are good batteries or not. Anyone want to start a pool on how many charts on batteries that will be posted?

I bought several of these when offered back in August. Today I needed a couple of the Triple A’s and to my horror when I looked at the package I could see that a few of the batteries had already LEAKED!! I took the leaky crusty batteries out of the package to minimize the loss.

As always, I’d like to remind you all to consider buying these to donate to toys for tots. A lot of toys donated need batteries to power them and they always seem to get neglected.

[Thanks Dann!]

Apparently Kodak Xtralifes are pretty good batteries, at least according to this post at Hackaday.com.

It’s a very timely post on Hackaday. Me? I can’t help but be suspicious.

A hellacious amount of comments for the post. That alleviates much of my concern. (But the nature of the comments worries me more than it probably should.)

Kodak did go and file bankruptcy…they’ve always had good products and never failed me. Come on, IMO for 72 batteries you really cannot neglect this deal for the price. I just went shopping today and saw at many grocery stores and even a few electronic stores that a 4pk was now retailing for $7! Get out of here, that’s crazy considering they were not anything worthy to write home about…

I did pick up those USB rechargeable batteries and we’ll see how long they last vs the 72pk :smiley:

Now that I have a large supply of rechargeable batteries (thanks, Woot!), I don’t really have a use for these.

Fantastic deal, though.

“Best if used by 2018” I wonder if I can get some boxers with this printed on the front to remind my wife !

From the charts it looks like they’re a little above average compared to standard batteries (they’re right between Duracell and Energizer “Ultras”) and they’re listed as #1 on every chart for the best deal for the money.

I think it’s a pretty good deal considering these 24-packs are $10.99 on Amazon.

The last time i bought batteries from woot i thought i was getting a great deal. They all arrived knocking on death’s door, didn’t even have enough juice to power the toys i bought them for. So beware batteries from woot

Were those batteries you had issues with the Fuji “Super” Heavy Duty batteries they ran previously? If so, “Heavy Duty” (Carbon Zinc based) batteries are cheaper batteries than Alkaline and will not perform as well as Alkaline, especially in High Drain devices. From what I’m reading everwhere, these Kodak Alkaline should work well and can’t beat the price. I missed pulling the trigger on these in August and am jumping on a couple now!

Thanks for reminding me of this. My mom is BIG into Toys For Tots (shopping sales year 'round… they usually send a truck to her house to pick up the goods). I gave her a call and she’s in for 3! She was happy to get such a good deal on batteries. :slight_smile:

Bet you bought the “super heavy duty” ones, not alkalines.

Oh wow thanks a lot! Your mom’s great!

Battery Showdown, (http://www.batteryshowdown.com/) declares that Kodak Xtralife batteries are the best value for the money when it comes to “a typical heavy load on a battery that a digital camera or similar power-hungry device may use.”