Kodak Xtralife Alkaline Batteries - 72pk

I passed up on this last month. Jumping on it now. In for a set of AA and AAA.

I guess it depends on where you are. If you are a Costco member then this may not be all that great a deal. The Kirklands seem to have rated just as well if not slightly better than the Kodaks and if memory serves, a 48 pack of those can be had at the warehouses for just about $11 US (tax included). Which, adding shipping, would seem to edge out the Kodaks as buying 2 - 72 packs at $34.99 would be a bit over 24¢/per where buying an equal number at Costco comes out to just under 23¢/per.

On the other hand, if you are not a member or not near a club, these are probably a good way to go.

No you’re great CowBoyDann! BTW, how are you and CapgunCowboy doing? Still in love as ever?

Are these Chinese batteries? Just about every Chinese alkaline battery I have ever used have leaked, some of them nearly new and still in the package.

Kirkland alkaline batteries are made in the USA and I have not had any leak.

Leaking is a MAJOR concern for me with Chinese batteries because I’ve had several devices ruined by leaking Chinese alkaline batteries.

However, I still don’t know where the Kodak batteries are made. If they come from the USA, I will buy them.

At least some Kodak alkaline batteries are/were made in Columbus, Georgia. I don’t know about these. I guess I’ll take a gamble.

These will surely be collectibles someday, like the Brownie Camera.

Things are going swell. We keep in touch and mail boxes to each other. You should have joined us for the Fantasy Footsball. I hope all is well with you iggz, stop by DWC again sometimes. Always a pleasure to have you around.

Would you like a box of crap? I’d love to send one to our resident troll.

You just want to know where I live so you can come lasso me. I’m not a fan of the reverse cowboy.

Awww shucks, you’re onto me.

Thanks for crunching the #'s! I’m a loyal Costco member, but given the price of gas right now, I’ll gladly pay the $0.01 per battery difference compared to the Costco private lable to kick back and receive these conveniently delivered to my front door!

Rejected headlines for this woot…

This will give you a charge!

No doubt you’ll be juiced up by this deal!

We could all use an Xtralife.

You like you need a recharge pal.

Don’t share moments, share batteries.

And finally for that last needed ‘ba dum cha’ kinda feeling…

Batteries, not included.