Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera

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Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera [Refurbished] - $69.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Kodak EasyShare Zi6 Pocket HD Video Camera

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Kodak Zi6 HD Pocket Video Camera
$69.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Kodak EasyShare Zi6 Pocket HD Video Camera

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Are these any good for evening recording?

Any idea what the battery life on these are like?

Servers FTL, Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

I might pick up a couple of these to film fencing practice

Happy Thanksgiving!

description says the high def is in 720p, however I was under the impression HD is 1080p. Can one of you techies please clear the air. Thanks!

The Kodak website (pink camera).

Also, the black camera, and the red camera.

Note, the pink and black are refurbs and the red is new.

[MOD: Note these “conditions” are at the Kodak store, not Woot. Today’s Woots are all refurbished.]


were these any better than the previous memorex HD video camera?

Found manufacturers website: http://store.kodak.com/store/ekconsus/en_US/pd/Zi6_Pocket_Video_Camera/productID.145116700


Is this better then the FLIP camera?

Manual,software & firmware upgrade.


Do these things scuff easily? I hate when the finish chips really easily… it’s annoying.

youtube review.

both are technically “HD”.

Nope. 720p video at 60 frames per second.

Here’s a fantastic review

Kodak software is horrendous. Doesnt matter how good it films if you cant use the crappy software they always make you install.


HD is generally considered to be 720p or 1080p (and the inferior 1080i). 720p is good for most TV, you don’t really see the benefit of 1080p unless you’re staring at a larger TV. Your distance from the TV matters as well, of course, but most people aren’t going to stand close enough with smaller TVs (and probably shouldn’t) to really be able to appreciate the difference very much if at all.