Kodak Zi6 Pocket Video Camcorder

damn it when are the blu-rays coming on!!

Darn…I have plenty of videos of my pockets.


Not a great wootastic deal :frowning: You can get them new on amazon for $70 or even used for $52. It’s cheaper yes, but I’d rather wait

I’m waiting for a monitor…

dont you mean baggy of crappys?

Pink is Fabulous!!!

some were one a while ago, just buy a ps3

Its $158.98 on Amazon so this is a GREAT price.

what comes in the random bags of crap? just an idea of the type of stuff…

Soooooooooooooooooooooo tru

When do we see boc? This is my first woot off. Have bought but never followed all day. The comments are the only thing that has kept me here after the endless computers and TVS
Thank U


woot you almost had me until the only color was PINK.

This woot is listed as “new.”

I’m an old fart. Who can convert GB of storage into minutes of VGA video for me? If I put a 16GB card in this, and assuming the batteries last, how long can I expect to record?

Oh well… never mind.

Sold out.

Amazon has other colors than pink.

The black one is $158.98 on amazon. The pink one is $72.90.

If it wasn’t for the pink I’d buy one.

But I’d never live it down.

(SR22)Pink is FABULOUS!!!