Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Camera Bundle

Manual & driver

Look guys! Even Wal-mart can’t compete

we sell just the camera for $150 at target, this is a steal at this price

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Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Camera Bundle [New] - $79.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kodak Zx1 HD Video Camera w/ Rechargeable Batteries, Charger, 2GB SD, 2 Cases, Cables and Software

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I have this and love it. Its very easy to use. The only pain is the file format that it saves in (quicktime). Makes it hard to burn to dvd or convert to other devices to use. I just paid $132 back in July. :frowning:

broken link try this one

and here’s the user manual as a pdf

Cnet chimes in:

Here’s the camera in action:

Looks rather shaky.

If I didn’t already own the Z16, I’d be all over this…
It’s a great deal, for sure.
Mine takes great vids, in sunlight and indoor light thats pretty bright.
Low light is less than optimum, but if you let it adjust long enough, it does better.
I’ve heard this one does better.

Full review from Obsessable with video taken in ideal and less than ideal conditions:

The “IP43” protection rating means:

4 = Protected against solid foreign objects with a diameter of 1mm and greater The object probe, a sphere 1mm diameter, shall not penetrate at all.

3 = Protected against spraying water Water sprayed at an angle of up to 60º on either side of the vertical shall have no harmful effects.


The description states:

  • Get great videos in bright light or low light—whether you’re at the beach, a party, anywhere

… but my definition of what a low light is may be different from yours. Anyone knows an objective measure - how many lux this camera can take before it goes blank?

Well since I bought on Woot the Zi6, and three Flip MINO I better pass on this, unless I want to get shot, thrown in a ditch and left for dead, by a certain busy body here who should not be looking in MY mail to see if there’s any Woot packages.

I bought a refurb of this model for the exact same price several months ago and am very happy with it. My wife kept complaining about the size and age of our sony, she said every one and our 8 year olds school was there with video cameras the size of cell phones and she had a fracking tv station in her hands. Needless to say she is very happy with this. The HD files are very large and the HD 60 are way too big. I guess if mrs’s chrisfromiowa wants to start filming her opus in full motion HD she’ll be set. Night all. CFI

Try Mp4Cam2AVI, google it, it’s a FREE fast converter that changes the MOV to AVI format, by just changing the file structure, not changing the video data. You may have to install K-Lite Standard codec pack too (or not). After that, the files will play or edit in any AVI player or editor on your machine.

Then try Ashampoo Burning Studio, you can download a fully working non-crippled 30 day demo. You can just drag the AVIs into it, or even the original MOVs, and it automatically converts and burns a DVD for home DVD player use, with a default menu or not. If you register the demo with your email, in a week or so they send an email with a huge discount to buy and unlock the time limit.

it’s available on amazon for $100.42 in Black

other color pricing:

Blue: $109.95
Yellow: $109.00
Pink: $113.16
and Red: $109.00


I got this camera from, you guessed it, QVC at twice the price, with no SD card. Videos are great. Sound is OK. Still shots - not so great if you are trying to take a pic of a moving object - like my dogs. ?shutter? stays open for awhile.

If you are in for this type of gadget, I can recommend. Only drawback 6 months ago, and still today (in my occasional comparisons of other products) is that the viewing screen is not movable. It takes a bit of practice to get the buttons down, but after that you are a pro.

depending on content, audio, lighting, etc, I am estimating 15-30 miutes of video for that 2GB card
SanDisk’s pdf stat sheet
So, hey woot gods, how about some 16 or 32 gig SHDC cards tomorrow?

Heh, this kind of tells me it must be popular between teenage girls!