Kodak Zx1 HD Pocket Video Camera Bundle


Zipppy zippy do.

i can’t believe i stayed up for this. wtf!

hmmm I think I want this…

I just bought a kodac hd But don’t remember the exact name …It cost way more.

Is it morning yet? Dude, where’s my car?!


CNET review Product summary (at a $150 price)

The good: Relatively rugged, attractive design; captures video at 720p HD resolution; decent video; memory-card expansion slot; runs off AA batteries; bundled HDMI cable; zippier performance.

The bad: No memory card; batteries don’t recharge via USB connector; software isn’t Mac compatible; poor connectivity.

The bottom line: While its video quality doesn’t quite match up to that of the Flip Video MinoHD, the Kodak Zx1 does win points for its stylish, rugged design.

Ever wanted to video tape a WOLF? You can videotape WOLVES with this camera. WOLVES. TONS OF EM. TAPE THEM ALL.

I didnt want it anyways…dammnit

If all three buyers bought one, why is Louisiana brighter than the other states?

What is the point of including a 2gb card? Make it at least 16gb. Otherwise, you take a half hour of video and your memory is full. Useless to include one at all.

Do we get a blue one like the stock picture or will it be random?

Because Louisiana is naturally more awesome than both California and New York combined.