Kodak ZX1 Pocket Video 720p Camcorder

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Kodak ZX1 Pocket Video 720p Camcorder [Refurbished] - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Kodak ZX1 Pocket Video 720p Camcorder w/ 2.4” LCD

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Perfect camera for trips, reasonably priced but good quality.

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I could see it now wooters becoming obsessed youtube bloggers. In for (how many do I need to get 1000000 subscribers?) Thanks Woot! The obession begins!

I have the zi8. kodak makes great hd cameras.can’t wait till my next holiday.

chris P. ZX1 <—video

Sample videos anyone?

Just sold me point and shooter (a previous woot, Kodak Z1275) and am hankerin’ to get a decent pocketable beast that’ll shoot 720p. This sounds like it, since the HTC Evo 4G I wanna get as a phone currently takes crappy video (betting it’ll be hacked into something better though).

I have a blue one of these and it’s not bad. These are a lot more flexible than other micro camcorders in that it uses SD cards and both standard and rechargable AA batteries. The construction is nice and tough and it is water resistant.
The interface is pretty basic but not real intuitive, still my 6 year old figured out how to operate it after a while.
Video quality is OK. If you want to film a lot of action or mount this to your bike be ready for a lot of choppiness. If you film in HD 60 then movement looks a lot better.
The MOV files it produces are large and will need to be run through the included software or another app before being shared. I have succesfully uploaded short videos directly to facebook from the camera and they show up as HD.

I paid $80 for mine and am happy with it. For this price it’s a good deal, just realize you’ll need to spend another $30 for a decent sized SD card

I bought one from Woot a while back for about twice this price. Very nice camera. Here is a raw video of mine in 720p.

Wow, I think this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been using my Kodak Zi6, which is basically the regular, non-ruggedized version of today’s WOOT, to record videos from a camera mount in my car. The ZX1 is more appropriate for this purpose (and less expensive,) and has an optional remote that will be very useful. I have had to reach around the camcorder, behind my back in order to activate it, and just 2 days ago I was thinking about how much I would love a remote… :slight_smile:

Ok, i just bought one, and now i’m having a mini-anxiety attack. i forgot to see if it was new or refurb, and it’s refurb. I’m not new to buying second hand, but i never buy second hand tech. Do they have a return policy if it doesnt work? has anyone ever had a bad experience with woot and refurbs?

Buy.com has this brand new for $25 more, $79.99 free shipping. Use Bing cashback and get a little more off.


That’s what gives you an anxiety attack? That you maybe dropped $55 on a camera that wasn’t still hot from the sweat of a Chinese slave workers brow? Dude, you need to chill out.

I buy almost all refurb. tech, mostly from Woot. I have never had a problem with Woot, or any other refurbs, for that matter. Besides, refurb. isn’t second hand. If you bought it from your friend, then it wold be second hand. Refurbs. are technically, returned to factory specs. To answer your question, I think you can cancel your order by emailing woot, if you do it quickly.

Thank you for actually answering my question. I dont want to cancel the order, but im just saying if the thing doesnt turn on when i get it…? but yeah, i trust woot.

and to other people who think i need to chill, sorry that i take 55 dollars seriously. I didnt know i wasnt allowed to be poor.

Yes they will, it’s in the FAQ.

If it is broken when the camera arrives they will take care of you. I’ve heard of both replacement of item (if available) and return of purchase cost (not sure about the shipping).

Contact them if you have any problems after it arrives. It also has a 90 day warranty from Kodak, I doubt a NEW camera would have a longer one. Maybe a year, but not everything comes with a year long warranty.

I’ve bought a few items from Woot, refurbs too, no problems with anything. Though it might ship out a few days later than normal, they did just finish the Woot-off.

I think I’ve almost decided to get this. Can anyone tell me how the zoom is on this? The POS camera I have now makes my kids faces all blurry when I zoom in and I don’t want another camera that does that.

Wow, nice footage!

Here is a video I took at Disney World with this camera. I really like this camera and this is a great deal on it. You will have to logon to Facebook to watch it.

When I first got the camera it made a high pitch sound on my recordings but it went away the instant I did a firmware update on it so if you have this problem try the firmware update.