Kodak ZX1 Pocket Video 720p Camcorder

Aww man is it really time for one of these again

pee break

Time to grab a MTNDEW. Uggghhh. Camera, icrap, camera, icrap, camera, icrap…

im pretty sure as soon as i go to sleep the BOC will come up.

8am class, but I bet I’ll miss something good if I sleep…

If you go to sleep at 3pm-6pm it will

same price on amazon. i am disappoint.

Only 4 more to go…

When is this crap line gonna end. . ?


Amazon owns woot, I am not surprise.

i’m only seeing this because I have to hold my two year old…
I guess that earache really hurts when he’s horizontal

Oh well, at least I get to spend some time on Woot!

How do you know that? I’ve been trying to figure it out.

I feel you. My 5 month old is cutting two teeth… It’s okay. I don’t like sleep anyway!

Seriously dude, what inside info do you have that it’ll be at that time?

Thats because amazon owns woot now

stats say only one sold, look at the progress bar. the yellow part is 4x the size of the grey part. therefore, the grey is 1/5 of total. therefore there are 5 total, one sold.

I should sleep, but I know if I do the BOC with show up… so… no sleep yet.

My widget said 80% remaining. With only one wooter having wooted and a 100% of the woots were for 1… it follows if 1 = 20% of the total then there were five total, thus 4 remaining.

Did you both mean to quit on the last letters of your sentences?