If anyone has some pictures taken with these models, please share!

I bought the M200 for a Christmas gift for my mom this past year. It’s a great little camera. I’ll try to steal some photos and put them up.

wow when did this sale start the 2 cameras i would have bought are already sold out?? i wanted to grab another z990 and a few of the m583’s. sucks i checked yesterday and did not see this sale listed. were these soldout before it even started??

I know! I also wanted the z990 - would’ve bought it in a heartbeat!! Please get some more like this, Woot!!!

please do list some more!!! man i would have bought more than a half dozen total from this sale (not all one model) i own the z990 and its a awesome camera but really wanted one for my mom for a gift and i wanted a few of the m583’s just to have to carry around didnt even care that they were red…

So why would the printer come with 3d glasses?

Apparently the video camera does NOT have a tripod mounting thread. Just fyi.

Info please on the ZE2 playful? I am seriously considering nabbing one due to it’s low price and the fact I need a basic starter camera.

Missed it! I was hoping Woot! would put the Z990 back up, but hadn’t expected it this soon. I wanted to get another one. Oh well.

The printer comes with software to print 3d pics but this is false advertising, because I ordered this item and on the box it says that it dose not have the glasses

According to the Kodak site it was supposed to have glasses. We get our specs from the manufacturer. It might be worth a call to Kodak to ask them.