Kogeto Panoramic iPhone Camera Lenses

I watched the video and it seems kinda neat, for the price it seems like a good deal but I have the 5 :-\

So you want to create Panoramic photo’s and video? Solution = spend $79 more dollars in about 4 weeks and get an iPhone 5 for $99 bucks or $199 for the iPhone 5S/6.

FWIW, the same camera fits the iPhone 5 bracket sold directly from Kogeto.

The iPhone can only take a 240 degree panoramic photo that is stitched together from multiple photos taken over time, and cannot take panoramic video.

This is a lens that enables you to take a full 360 degree panoramic instantly in one shot, or a video panorama that you can “look around” in real time during playback.

I don’t understand this sentence. This is a lens that fits an iPhone 4/4S according to the ad. The Kogeto site shows a Dot that works with 5/4/4S. Do the Woot Dot offerings work with the iPhone 5 or not?
UPDATE - I went to Kogeto site - you mean the LENS (not camera) on these iPhone 4/4S brackets will fit the ‘naked’ iPhone 5 bracket on Kogeto’s site - that’s $15 + $25 here - $40 vs. $49 on Kogeto direct and you have a ‘free’ iPhone 4/4S bracket. hmmmm…

I’m going to buy 2 of these for an experiment - they seem like the perfect car video camera. Take the lens off the bracket and fabricate a fitting to a mini-video camera lens. Or fit to another sports-type (Go Pro) camera - the possibilities are endless.

photosynth by microsoft…


just saved you $$, tip accordingly.

That’s for photo, this is for video.