Kohler 8.45-oz. Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

Kohler 8.45-oz. Touchless Foaming Soap Dispenser

Petition to reprice this to $22 so we buy them all

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Why $22? The Woot price already seems like a pretty decent deal, since the current Amazon price is $49 for it.

Why not? the rest of us doth ask.

What is pretty wild about these is before the outbreak, you could find them for $25 or less (the all white version of this model was $24 on March 16th). After self quarantine however, some doubled in price. Not trying to call out Woot, because it is like this everywhere. I have a non-foaming auto dispenser I use for dish soap and it works great. Would love the have a foaming variety to use with hand soap, but the price hike due to demand steers me away for the time being.

Woot says there are 41 Amazon reviews yielding a 4-star rating.
When I look at the Amazon site, I find 148 reviews with a stunning 44% being 1 star. Here’s the Amazon page:


Why the discrepancy?

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Because the listing is linked to this Amazon listing:


That’s the same exact listing. Just different colors. If you look on your link, one to the right is raardvark’s link.

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Side comment: After my $3 pump bottle of “foaming” hand soap was empty, I got experimenting. Bottom line is that if you DILUTE any hand soap a LOT and put it in the pump, it will foam.

Liquid soap with aloe, probably not. But standard off-the-shelf refill bottles of liquid hand soap need to be cut to about 1/2 ounce or less depending on the bottle size.

So my $3 bottle of foaming sap was really 95% water and a squirt of soap. The pump aerated the thinner liquid.

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Apparently, the White / Stainless model gives folks more pleasure. Some people are all about appearances.

that’s correct. The general ratio is about 4/1 water/liquid soap.

That may be, but my point was ON AMAZON, the Stainless Steel/White listing only has 42 reviews, which is what Woot pulled.

Pretty much this is why I said $22 cause it’s been sold there before