Now we’re talking woot. Good choice in design, I think I’ll sleep on it.


http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Tony! Grats on it getting printed!!! I remembered this reworked from the water derby!


Had to look twice at this one to figure out what was going on. It’s great though! Congrats Tony - and I vote “Earth.” :slight_smile:


Pretty awesome design.

Lately I’ve been liking the dailies a lot more than the derbies.



hey Woot! staff, you can throw this in my random shirt i ordered the other day…

just not going to buy cuz I have to many black shirts already…sadly


Very, very nice shirt, man. If not for the random sale on Monday, I’d buy this in a heartbeat. Excellent work.




in for one


really nice. I like how the monochromatic, monotone style balances out the business of the pattern.

I can live w/out it, and I’m trying to save money, so no shirt for me. But really tight design work. :slight_smile:


This shirt looks pretty good. Not that Shirt.Woot makes bad shirts, but this seems more like something I’d buy. I wanted the other Koi Shirt(s) also

If I had an extra $10, I think I’d get this. Good work.

I have a few black shirts with white print. They usually turn out really nice, and I enjoy wearing them. The contrast really jumps out. The design is a little busy for my normal wear, but I think if I had it, I’d wear it often. The dead fish reminds me (somewhat) of the pastafarian pirate fish. It’s only bone, and is white on black…


whats with all the Koi stuff?
never heard of Koi before woot.


that designed looks good not centered. but i have spent to much on woot lately.


if the vast majority of my shirts weren’t black I’d be in for one for sure.

I’m actually lying. I have $5 in my bank account. Dammit.


Intricate design. I could see this being a tattoo.



and i LOVE the black shirts with white designs… not sure if i want it enough, though. i feel like i like the other previous ones i have (forget the names), but nothing touches the PLAN B shirt… NOTHING!


Sweet shirt, had to get one! :slight_smile:


Very, very cool design. I love it but just like a few others have said, I’ve been getting too many black t-shirts as of late. If it’s still around in the morning, I may consider getting one though. Congrats to the artist…this shirt rocks.