Kólga, The Chilling Wave

Hot, wet, tongue action. Wheee!

Very nice linework here _.

Oh Nooooooooo! The ship has lost its oars!

It’s H2Olga from the Fairly Oddparents!

Great piece to see finally print, badbasilisk!

Also, this tee is proof that sea dragons did exist and weren’t just random drawings on old sea charts.

That not a calamity that’s an adventure… those vikings should figure out surfing really quickly!

I just looked up & we are almost at total lunar eclipse here in Missouri. Just a reminder to all of you that like this sort of thing.
update - at 1:43 central time at my location the moon is now completely in shadow.

We needed a wolf shirt tonight with the red moon.

Someone should tell that dragon that eating too many Vikings leads to high blood pressure.

yo what’s up with dat dragon?!
dawg he’s just chillin’!

Ah, nice to see this one find a home. Congrats, Peter!

Awesome print Peter congrats!!

He kind of looks like an upside down ice cream. Mmmmmmm…icecream. Our balmy 73 degree winter weather is perfect for it.

Another f-f-freeezing short-sleeved shirt in Decembrrrr.

As a heathen I am offended by this shirt. No water can keep the Norsemen from prosperity!

Kólga is the daughter of Ægir. Get your calligraphy pens out!

Today’s Soft Serve Flavor: Dragon (with hint of Viking)

Awesome linework!

I like your hot wet tongue idea better.

From a distance I thought it was eating a candy cane. Merry Christmas!