Kólga, The Chilling Wave

Today’s Soft Serve Flavor: Dragon (with hint of Viking)

Awesome linework!

I like your hot wet tongue idea better.

From a distance I thought it was eating a candy cane. Merry Christmas!

Just now looked at today’s shirt. Been rocking the lunar eclipse. Anyone else up to that tonight?

yep, mid totality here, supposed to start seeing some light at my location in about 20 minutes.

That may be the daughter of Ægir, but that boat belongs to Waldo.

If you’re going to be in Norway to celebrate the Chinese New Year in 2012, (Year of the Dragon), this would be the perfect shirt. Plan ahead, people.

hey thanks folks - didn’t know this design goes online today :wink:
hope you people enjoy my crazy idea …

Blue is my favorite color… hmmmmm…

awesome! crongrats Peter…:slight_smile:

look out vikings that dragons gonna get some snot on you!

I’m a sucker for good viking art and the style here is delicious.

Really awesome!

Beautiful design! Not so beautiful shirt color. Would love this on navy or royal blue. But as a grown man, I just can’t do baby blue. :slight_smile:

At first glance I thought he had found Waldo.

Wet and wild. Goodbye vikings!

I hope Brett Favre isn’t on that boat.

Congrats Peter! Nice work like always!

You provide some of the most interesting/entertaining comments on this site. 8)

It would make little difference to the Vikings football team at this point…