Komar Murals

“wallpaper??” she said incredulously
“Why, heavens, no!!! This is a wall *mural *”

At lest the first two (painted wood planks and morning wall) are cheaper on Amazon (at least today). Of course they are; that’s how it is so often with woot! these days. (Some others appear to be more expensive there.)


Found only a few reviews among several sites, mostly positive, but perhaps some are plants.

Nothing says “cell block C” like a cement wall mural.

Once I’m paroled on my “sarcasm with intent to troll” conviction, I’ll have to pick up a four pack so I can feel at home.

They either lowered the Woot price, or raised the Amazon price, but now it’s:
$68.02 on Amazon
$49.99 on Woot