Komar Wall Murals

I purchased one of these before and the printing isn’t very sharp. Looks like someone tried to enlarge a 3X5 photo.

Thanks for the info. I was about to order this based on the “photo realistic” description. They look nice though. I wish they could provide a close-up of what it looks like at normal size :frowning:

Anyone know that the dimensions are for these?

it’s under the specs for each item

Great help to keep others from purchasing them. I can’t believe these things are still around… I thought they were dated in the 80s.

how long ago was your purchase? is this the same product? can anyone else confirm that THIS product has poor resolution with printing? i thought the brick one looked pretty snazzy and was very interested in purchased my maximum of three :]

what are the dimensions? has anyone tried to take one off of a wall before? what does it do to the paint?

The dimensions for each are listed on the Features tab for that item.

The reviews on the brick one are 5 stars on Amazon. Seems like its a good image.


It’s $76 on amazon. so essentially the same price as here. and you can return it.