Komar Wall Murals

at what point does this cease to be a mural and simply become wallpaper?

the moment they call it a mural. It’s wallpaper. However we have a sunset beach scene in our basement and love it. Paid $100 at Lowes.

These are very nice. It’s actually eight squares of wallpaper that you assemble like a jigsaw puzzle and glue to the wall. It will look better if you’re good at that sort of thing or if you pay an installer. Or if you just take your time and go real slow. I’m sure it includes directions. Like any surface covering, the smoothness of the underlying wall will be important in the final appearance. Komar is a German company and they claim to be awesome. Here’s what their web site says:

"Since 1967 Komar products stand for innovative ideas, design and quality in print. Komar has made its name known far outside its home country of Germany with its high quality photomural and non-woven Photomurals it has grown to become a global player and the world market leader in its field. As the specialist for individual wall design, Komar achieves over 70% of its profit from the export market in over 100 countries, where its numerous clients are continually won over by Komar’s varied and expressive designs.

Alongside its outstanding collection of Photomurals, non-woven Photomurals and Gallery XXL Posters, a variety of Decostickers, which can be relocated and removed with ease and without leaving adhesive marks, are also included in the Komar collection.

With its extensive selection, Komar can transform every wall. The products are exemplary in their first class quality and attention to detail. On offer are also several exclusive images from Marvel and Disney as well as breathtaking nature photography from National Geographic.

Dive into the world of Komar and become your very own interior designer!"

P.S. - Added benefit of the penthouse scene - when you decide to end it all and jump out the window, all you’ll do is knock your head against the wall!

P.P.S. - If you look at some of the individual photos, you can get some different ideas on how to use these. They could go on a room divider instead of a wall, or you could cover just part of a wall and make it look like a giant poster. Lots of possibilities.

P.P.P.S. - Outdoor scenes are going to look much better with natural light or with daylight wavelength artificial light. So you should light these with a 5000K light source rather than a 3000K.

Easier to go with wall decals. They have wall murals also. Easier to take off when you want to move them or take them off. No glue involved. I recommend Dali Decals. They’re online.

these things are expensive. and maybe theres some wallpaper somewhere that can be cheaper.
but looking at the ones on dali.com they looking rather childish. cartoonish really. some of these really are beautiful.

We wanted the Komar 8-921 Beach Resort Wall Mural but waited too long. We had a wall in the finished basement waiting for it. :frowning: O well, next time. Great price!

Hey Woot people. I think this was a quality post and I want credit for it. I said it was a nice item, I gave background info on the company, I gave tips on installation, and advice on how to use the product. What more do you want? I’m not Dennis Miller.

I drill down into Woot everyday. How do I miss things like this??? Would have liked the resort scene for our FL garage wall; now we can only get the beach scene.