Komelon 81430 30ft. Powerblade II Tape Measure

I don’t understand why a 30ft tape would show a photo of a 25ft tape ! ? and why under ‘‘description’’ it would give you the choice of two different tapes when there is no such option to select between the two ? !

Woot says…In the Box:

(1) Komelon 81425 25-Foot x 1.06-Inch Powerblade II
– OR –

(1) Komelon 81430 30-Foot x 1.06-Inch Powerblade II

as for the Komelon brand…of all the different name brand tape measures I have the 4 Komelons are my ‘‘go to’’ tapes. I like the fact that when you pull them out they lock in place automatically without having to push a button. It takes a little getting use to but only because they were the first to think of such a logical way for a tape to work. I’m not saying this is not a good price but at HD OR Lowes I just saw their 4 tape set for the same price Woot is wanting for just this one :frowning:

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thanks…squash them bugs !!