Komelon Measuring Tapes

In the case of many of these it would be less expensive to pay full price at a store than the Woot! price plus $5 for shipping.

I’m confused… I thought the idea behind Woot was great deals you can’t find elsewhere. I just got one of these cheaper on Amazon with free shipping, which is surprising because Woot is now owned by Amazon.

Also surprising that amazon prime free shipping does not translate to Woot orders.

I have prime shipping and believe me the cost is rolled into the item. you do usually get it faster though.

It’s funny to see this here, as I just lost my last good tape measure.

Do you know what would help buyers? More detail/pictures about how these tape measures are marked.

For instance:

Are 16" intervals clearly marked for stud placement?

Are feet marked in addition to inches?

As you pass each 12" increment, does the inch numbering restart at 1", or does it continue incrementally? (e.g.: is 13" shown as 1’-1" vs 13")

Are cases marked with case diameter?

Is there one you’re particularly interested in?

I’m confused …to charge 5$ shipping for tape measure which cost 4.99$ …what is the point…nonsence

the goal is for you to buy a bunch of stuff and offset the shipping cost.

Measure twice… Cut once!

I have the 25’ The Professional™ tape measure… it’s “good to go”.

This might help answer Giolee88’s questions regarding the markings on the tape… specific to the Hi-Viz blade with chrome plated case The Professional™ versions

I don’t believe the case diameter is marked, but the bottom of the case is 3" in length.

While “sold out” here, the Komelon 435HV High-Viz Professional Tape Measure, 35-Feet by 1-Inch, Chrome, remains available on Amazon’s site for $12.99.

The first tape measure to sell out in this Woot offering, Komelon 3110 10-Foot Touch Lock Power Tape (1 Unit Color Varies), can also be found on Amazon’s site for $7.63… albeit, temporarily out of stock. If ordered, they’ll ship when available.

Should you have Amazon’s “free” Prime shipping, these prices are very close, if not identical, to Woot’s item pricing + $5 shipping.

Oh, hey…Thanks! The one I pulled the trigger on was the red one…Komelon 72425 25-Feet x 1.06-Inch Magnetic Powerblade II. We’ll see if that’s similar.

You need a quality post for that!