Komelon Measuring Tapes

I wonder, can these be refurbished?

The Touch Lock models pictured in the banner photo don’t seem to be listed here. What gives?

There are none that look like little yo-yos. :frowning:

I agree, I was all ready to buy a couple of the pictured ones, but alas, they’re not for sale.

Me too!! Where are the ones in the picture?

Leaves a really bad taste in one’s mouth when you advertise a product you’re not even selling :frowning: the old bait and switch?

Woot has a habit of this…

DITTO To all the other comments…I was looking to buy the tapes pictured !

Well while I’m here…I can comment on this brand. Sears and maybe Lowes sell this brand. I picked up a 3pk on a Christmas special at Lowe’s for less then$10. The feature I liked was when you pull it out it ‘‘automatically’’ locks in the out position. The button is to release the tape. Just the opposite of regular tape measures. When I bought mine some reviers were not keen on this feature but I kind of like it. I would maybe compare these to Stanley or FatMax brands.

Meter Man’s are Imperial or Metric?

Amazon product details state Imperial.

Yep, the main pic got me to look for one, but it’s disappointing when not enough care is taken to make sure the product available is what is pictured. It’s sloppy, it makes Woot! look as if they don’t pay attention to detail, and if Woot! looks like it doesn’t pay attention to detail, it makes customers wonder what else is wrong.

Come on, Woot!, you should be better than this.

These are all fair complaints and I am sorry. We have gotten kinda lazy- when we re-run a Plus sale, we don’t always take out photos from the previous sales and it gets misleading. It’s definitely something we hope to address sooner rather than later.