Kona Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar



sold under the name “first act” at target.

a couple of times a year they go on clearance and I grabbed one for 28 dollars. Good for screwing around at the beach but it sounds like a toy guitar. Dont expect much


I know absolutely nothing about guitars but looking to learn soon.

can someone who knows something about guitars/music can you please advise if this is worth the money and a good guitar for beginners?


Good guitar? No. Good for beginners? Yes. Put on some light strings and go wild for a year befor upgrading to something better.


Buy it if you intend to learn and buy something better later. It isn’t a bad guitar for the money. If you end up not practicing or playing much it won’t be such a waste. :slight_smile:


This would be a nice guitar for kindling. It would also be suitable to destroy on stage in a a Heavy Metal Act.


Oh yes, I have a much more expensive guitar standing in the corner gathering dust. I would have much rather bought this one to be a corner decoration.

I’ll learn more than 5 chords one day. Really I will…


Absolutely good for a beginner. Don’t expect to entertain in public with it, but if you want to learn guitar and decide if it’s the instrument for you, why would pay more? Get some experience with this one, then when you know how to play and know what you’re looking for go shopping. I learned on a guitar similar to this that my parents bought for me with S&H Green Stamps. (Shut up y’all - I know I’m old.)