Kona Electric Guitar

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Kona Electric Guitar
$97.99 + $5 Standard OR $18 Two-Day OR $21 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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I own a Kona bass. Not a bad instrument. Its a simple, intro instrument, so don’t expect bells and whistles all around. The hardware on the bass is nice, so I expect it would be similar for this.

I’ve played around on some of their guitars before in shops and haven’t seen a bad one.

Woot should have bundled this with that guitar speaker-amp from yesterday.


I’m thinking they should have bundled it in their BOCs!!!

That nobody got, seen where a lot of people had their orders canceled this morning.

This is a cheap beginners guitar so don’t expect too much.

Lefties are always left out.

Well, darn. I was looking online for what this was. I am looking to buy an electric guitar. I guess this isn’t it.

Rosewood fingerboard? I’m wondering if the goons that have been hasseling Gibson know about this particular woot.