Kona Ukulele for Dummies Pack



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Kona Ukulele for Dummies Pack
$88.99 + $5 Standard OR $11 Two-Day OR $15 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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Kona Ukulele… shipping to Hawaii not included. LOL!


Quite possibly the greatest woot offering ever. It’s not just a ukulele. No. It’s a ukulele for dummies.


anyone else have the rest of the cards/letters/whatever?


I don’t even know where I’m supposed to look for that…


$86.99 on the interwebs


does anyone know the size?? soprano?? concert??


Woot! gets its ass kicked. $32?!?


Sure, maybe not “for dummies”, but pretty close to the same thing.

Woot! You are failing me left and right lately. :frowning:


Tip Toe, through the woot crap




Time for bed…there truly is crap here lately…and not just bags of it!


You’re kidding. Ukulele’s are normally priced at that price at any music store!


Trading card time.


If you say so. No f’in clue here. All I know is it’s a dummy’s ukulele.


I didn’t even know there were concert ukuleles…




Im feeling like a gullible idiot for buying so much stuff from WOOT, without verifying that everything was a hot smoking deal, or even a fair deal… because when I did take the time to check around, the WOOT deals were mediocre more than half the time, and often simply not deals at all…

This truly is dissappointing and it seems, WAY over-exposed… A business model wallowing in a reputation based primarily on it’s past performance but quickly eroding it reputation by thrusting a bunch of crappy deals on naive buyers like myself. It took me some time and purchasing a number of crappy deals to start to see through piles of bullshit, bad customer service, incomplete or simply sloppy and wrong product information and useless, insipid and boring product write-ups. I have appreciated some of the deals and definitely the access to feedback from other customers. Too bad there isn’t more restraint with respect to selection of product and quality of staff write-ups though because it casts a negative light, for me anyway , and suspicion of all WOOT deals. Shame.


I wonder if they’ll call this a Quality Post. LOL.


Does anyone see a model number for this uke? My daughter wants one, but it’s hard to tell if this is one of the models that you can find for $40 or what? C’mon woot, at least give us the details in the specs. It doesn’t even specify soprano, concert or tenor. I’m guessing soprano, but who knows?