Koolatron Beer Keg Cooler

**Item: **Koolatron Beer Keg Cooler
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Can’t you get a real kegerator for like $300 bucks?

Pretty much. Those 5L mini kegs aren’t even good for reuse in homebrewing.

Why do I have the sudden urge to put on a toga ?

This is an odd item if you are single and do not drink a ton of beer. I purchased this a while back and it does tend to get flat fairly quickly. If there is more than one beer drinker in the house then this is a fun novelty.

I’d think that would be a given. There’s nothing to keep the beer under pressure. Though the non-gravity ones have a CO2 cart.
I kinda like this thing, but most of what’s available in mini-kegs isn’t what I like to drink on a regular basis. Not much of lager/pils guy and New Castle is… eh, OK.
I’m sort of spoiled living in the beer capital - San Diego. :slight_smile:

$99.99 at sears

[MOD: That’s Sears in Canada. Shipping might be a little high.]

Reviews at Overstock are terrible.

I thought the whole gimmick of those mini kegs was that they were small enough to fit in your regular fridge… And this essentially has a small fan and a large heat sink to act as the cooler. I’ve personally not been impressed by such cooling in the past on anything I’ve bought.

From Wikipedia, Ambient Temperature is referenced on the page for Room Temperature as: “Ambient temperature simply means “the temperature of the surroundings”.” So…if it’s 100 degrees in the surrounding area of your beer “fridge”, your beer will potentially be 55 degrees. That’s just not cool. In so many ways.

I have had a Krups B90 for 4+ years now on the counter in my theater room. It strictly uses the pressurized kegs.

Mine keeps the beer at the perfect temperature and on those occasions I’ve traveled for a couple weeks, the beer is still as carbonated as the day I left.

There is a dearth of pressurized keg options, though, no matter what you model you choose. Heineken on tap is much better than out of the bottle. But it’s still Heineken.

I keep New Castle in mine.

If you’re a beer snob, these things aren’t for you and you know it :slight_smile: However if you like the occasional q̶u̶a̶r̶t̶ pint cold and tap-fresh, these are nice to have around.

Interesting… but I’ve already got Beer Corner™.


I don’t get this product on any level. A 5l keg of premium beer costs about $25, the same as a case of 12 bottles. You get 14-15 bottles equivalent in the mini keg. And with that at-most 20% savings, you get poor selection for you and your guests, quickly flat beer, and poor portability. No thanks, I’ll stick with the drinks fridge for home and a regular cooler with ice for the road.

Although I do like to consume beer on a regular basis, no one taps a 5L mini-keg and drinks it in one night. (OK, not often)Unfortunately, the 5L mini-kegs only stay fresh about that long. What I have found to be the best draft beer system for the house is the Draftmark System. Much better fresh draft beer that stays fresh a long time. (Air and beer never touch) Average cost per pint of good fresh beer is $1.50-$1.75. http://www.draftmark.com

I’m hooked!

Where do you get 5L kegs???

Ah, not the ones I’ve been using the last 4 years. A couple weeks easy. Stays chilled, sealed, and pressurized.

Your local liquor store either carries them or can have them brought in for you. Around here they run about $20ea

Everyone knows the beer capital is further north, in Portland.

Yes. I gotta say San Diego has a GREAT selection of microbreweries.

Though, up here in the Seattle area, we have a few also.

I’m outside Boston… we have a fair number of micros here too, and as far away as Maine. Wachusett and Sea Dog are to favs.
In all my traveling I’ve only ever seen 2 different beers in these mini kegs and most often it’s Heineken. I’ll pass. Ever since I got 2 separate cases of skunked Heineken I can’t stand the stuff, and when I was younger and liked it, I still wouldn’t consider such a single purpose single beer concept good…but if it were popular and selling well in the marketplace it wouldn’t be on Woot, now would it.