Koolatron: De-Bug Your Life

I can’t vouch for this specific brand/model, but in general, the tennis-raquet style electric fly swatters are awesome. I always keep one handy for the lies that always manage to get inside. I’d swear they wait on the door jamb for someone to open the door and then they swoop in.

Well, the Lentek Zapper isn’t very popular with Amazon. Two stars, and “Item under review”.


Bought a similar version at JobLot for $6…works great. My husband though get’s this weird look in his eyes and giggles when he get’s a fly…

This would be an awesome Woot if it weren’t for one simple fact:

The carbon-dioxide emitting traps? They attract way more than they can capture. Very nice for people down the block whose mosquitoes are now attracted to your yard, but now you’ve got a swarm bigger than your trap can handle gnawing on you.

I have two racket zappers. One for use inside the other for use outside. I call them “ole sparky” after Sing-Sings electric chair. They put on quite the light show at night. During a late summer outdoor get-together they were the hit of the party as invitees took turns back handing yellow jackets. It took their mind off the food. The fact most were plastered also helped.

This works on the same principle as those Japanese beetle traps. If you didn’t have a beetle problem before using them, you will afterwards.

I looked up the flying insect zapper… terrible review on amazon… got two stars! I’d get this one…


I always had great success witht he Japanese Beetle traps. The bags caught tons of them and the amount of beetles eating the plants and such was reduced significantly.

As for the raquets, I buy mine at Harbor Freight, they frequently have them for $3 or less and I much prefer the D cell battery ones over the 2 AA battery ones if you have the choice. But they are great and its always fun to watch someone pick it up, ignore my warning about not touching the metal and then them zapping their finger.

Hey, I was surprised to find comments about the rackets. I get wasps in the house - yellow jackets and mud wasps. They’ve started already because we had 1 freak cooler day. The racket looks like the only thing that might work - but the last thing I want to do is tic them off. Do those of you who use this think this racket thing would kill in one swipe? Thanks.

Yes i have one and they do in fact work with a good swipe! I use mine on horseflies all the time. I like to let them sit on the grid after i hit them and let them sizzle!

I use the 1/2 acre trap every day here in florida and it really works. i find myself emptying the cup a lot however

The Koolatron traps have a brief mention in this explanation of various mosquito traps:

I have a MegaCatch mosquito trap. The octenol lures it uses look a lot like the ones here. Anybody know if these would work in it?

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why does the third image show a damaged looking product? For a product that retails at $600, it shouldnt come with damaged plastic.

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Racket zappers are $5.74 each on Amazon with free Prime shipping, making this “2-pack” only $11.48 shipped instead of $15 here.

The gold standard for bug zapping rackets is the “Executioner”.

I heard an NPR story about mosquito researchers, and at the end they asked them what they personally use to kill mosquitos. This is what they answered.

Here’s alink to the normal sized one on the mothership: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000MU2MJA/

4.3 stars.

Do these traps work without the refills?