Koolatron: UnBug Yourself

Really poor reviews on the pro…it would probably be better to figure out why the mosquitoes are around and to resolve that issue first if possible. Build quality is also questionable as you can see from the images that woot provided.

Sorry for the shoddy-looking image. We followed up with our vendor about this last time we sold these items, and the vendor said the units will not look like that picture.

The vendor said that particular unit (which we used in our images, for reasons unknown to me, quite honestly) must have been damaged.

According to the vendor, you’ll get something that looks like this:

hopefully that helps!

Looks like the rod was off-center when compared to the image that you provided. Instead of scrapping the piece, they did a half-a$$ job of drilling the hole to allow for the rod to fit. Sounds like poor craftsmanship and a lack of judgement on the photographer’s side. If this is what we see just from a photograph, I am not really interested to know how they would treat customers and product complaints. Come on people, take some pride in the work that you do and if not at least take some freakin responsibility.

I’m so disappointed :(. I really wanted to buy and like the Mini Bug Vac, but it got pretty poor reviews http://www.amazon.com/Lentek-BV02-Handheld-Electronic-Insect/dp/B000O3GUGQ

I have raspberry bushes, and I get various beetles, stinkbugs, spiders feasting and damaging my berries. This summer I was out in the patch with a rubber glove on hand picking and squishing the darned bugs. It’s gross and I hated it. (plus I have chickens that would have loved to eat those bugs if I saved them). I was hoping this would be a perfect solution. So sad


Small portable shop-vac would probably work for you, you can put some sheer stocking on the end of the hose and let it dimple down into it a bit so it can collect more bugs. Also if you don’t care if they are dead, you can just spray them with soapy water in a spray bottle. Works great on japanese beetles eating your roses.

I felt like something else was wrong here and that’s when it hit me…teflon tape. As you can see this tape is white which indicates that it is single density tape. ASTM requires that yellow double density tab be used for gas type piping. White can be used up to 3/8 npt but the preference is for yellow double density. Again, this just goes to show you the lack of quality in this product.

I take my kids to my parents home in the summer because they have a swimming pool, and the last 4 years we’ve been eaten alive by mosquitos. We tried sprays, repellents, candles, lamps, you name it and nothing worked.

I finally called a local pest control company this year to see if they could spray to control the mosquitoes. Because of the green vegetation around the pool they said they could spray once a month during swimming season but could not guaranty results.

Long story short, $20/month and we never saw a single mosquito April- today (September).

Note: this is a smaller backyard so we were not worried about acres of pests, but considering the costs of having a pest control company control the situation vs. buying yet another contraption like this which takes additional resources, just call the local guys and be done with it.


I just moved into a new apartment in a wooded area and there are a lot of spiders that keep setting up their webs near our screen door and balcony. I have a friend with one of these rackets, but the description specifies that its designed to take out flying insects.

Does anyone have any insight on if this will take out spiders, or any other recommendations on this page to do so? I want to make sure it kills them swiftly and doesn’t just make them angry.

Any input is appreciated, thanks!

Those rackets will kill almost any bugs that come into contact with them. You just need good brand batteries. I got 3 from a local Asian market for dirt cheap and they work great.