Koolulu 30-Watt 5-Port USB Rapid Desktop Charger

Can I use this for an android phone and a Samsung tablet?


Wouldn’t you be better off getting a similar device certified QuickCharge 3.0, USB-C charging (backwards compatible, just use the appropriate cable), or even PowerIQ (Anker’s version of voltage regulation)? I’ve never heard of Koolulu.

Sorry, the description was fantastic, sounded too good to be true, so I put it to the test. I read where it can charge “up to 2.1a”. That would allude to a lightning port/ charger. So why would you advertise with an iPhone 4 or earlier 32 pin phone? That’s the equivalent of saying a porche can do 180 mph while showing the road hugging beast easing over the top of a speed bump at a resounding 3 mph. You couldn’t sucker me in this time, Woot. #MikeDrop

Shouldn’t drop people, just cause they’re named Mike. Did you mean to drop your #Mic? :wink:

:::Pulls cell phone away from face and looks intently at the display before slowly returning the phone to his ear::::

I don’t know who this is. Where is ThunderThighs? I ALWAYS deal with ThunderThighs. Put her back on the phone or so help me… So help me… YOU WONT GET A CHRISTMAS CARD THIS YEAR! THERE… I SAID IT! I don’t like being this monster… Why do you make me act like this?

Dude, you know we buy end-of-life crap. You KNOW this. Why would we show anything but a 30-pin phone? That’s all staff uses around here man. Forget all that modern technology. We want tried and true.

:::Steps back inside from the 10th story ledge after having the sense talked back into him from the great police negotiator:::

Ok… That sounds reasonable. I guess I will buy one…

:::goes full hulk mode because sale has ended:::