Koolulu 30-Watt 5-Port USB Rapid Desktop Charger

Got mine today. I’m sure I’m not the ONLY one that will question the FAST CHARGE. The box shows a different unit then what’s pictured here. It’s missing the port labels. And, the box shows the US adapter but the picture shows a plug-in-the back cord (which is correct). I have a USB tester at work. Going to take this baby in tomorrow and test the USB outputs.

Oh, an NO WHERE ON THE BOX does it say fast charger and the 2.1a? Really, thats the norm these days for ANY phone that needs a charge. What’s up woot?

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Hey, it works, just a couple of differences (cosmetic)? The box it came in might be misleading to some. It looks like it’s an “international” charger and came with a U.S. adapter, but that’s not what was in the box. Not complaining, just a heads up in case others notice the same thing. :slight_smile: