Koolulu All-in-One Premium Bluetooth Headset

These exact same headphones are on New Egg for 24.99 and free shipping. Saves you a total of 10 bucks and you’ll probably get it much quicker. Thought these were a deal here on Woot at first. Fortunately, I’m a compulsive price shopper. Sadly, I find that too many Woot deals aren’t really “deals” at all :frowning:

I’m having trouble finding a newegg offer that doesn’t also include other accessories. Could you provide the link? I’d love to pass it on to our vendor managers.

I went to New Egg and typed “Koolulu bluetooth headphones” in the search bar. They popped up immediately. These headphones also have many more features than you(or New Egg) list. They have a micro SD slot enabling you to use them as both your player and headset. They are bluetooth 4.1 comparable and come with a cable in case a device doesn’t support BT. This all came from Koolulu’s site itself(where the headsets cost $69). But sure. Let me get on my PC and I’ll paste a link.

Oops, guess u did list it’s options. Anyway, getting the link…

So, I went to your web site on my PC. The headsets are listed as “sold out” there-yet they are still on sale here. And because they are listed as sold out, I cannot make a comment there to paste the link that you requested. Something smells terribly fishy here lol. I mean seriously! But you know what? Here; www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?item=9SIA9PN3YD9791&cm_re=Koolulu_bluetooth_headphones--9sia9pn3yd9791--product

PS: What do you mean when you said you couldn’t find these headsets on New Egg without additional acessories. There is no difference in what comes in the box regardless of where you purchase these from. Besides, even if that wasn’t true and New Egg added more accessories, the price at New Egg is still $10 cheaper. So yeah! I’ll take more for my money any day(which I did since I ordered them from New Egg). No hard feelings-just saying…

So for the second time I’ve ordered these headphones (about a month apart) and Woot has sent me the wrong item both times. Both times Woot has sent me the X-Live R600 Bluetooth earpiece. This is extremely disappointing!!! I am about to contact support, but last time all they did was refund my order, with no explanation. Not the Woot it once was, not even close. (sigh)

They did the same exact thing to me. Kinda pissed as i have been waiting all week for it.

Yeah - very disappointing - for the second time! I did order the same item from newegg as posted above (thanks Wootofthenorth for that!). Hope they are better than Woot at shipping the correct product. ;-0

Hey there. Sorry about the problem getting the correct item. I’m checking with the electronics team.

In the meantime, please use the Support form linked at the top of the page to contact customer support for assistance.