Koolulu Bluetooth Memory Foam Sleep Eye Mask

Got mine yesterday - Have used it 3 times. I like it, quite a bit, but I do wish I could turn the volume down just one step further than I’m able. Sound adjustment is on my cell phone - wish there was a built-in volume control on the product itself.

I have used mine a few times. it has a nice low profile for side sleepers nothing pokes you or rubs your face/ears wrong. sound is nice. the fabric and memory foam is a little bit warm for me and I was not able to keep it on all night, but it did help cover up the husbands tv show and some of his snoring. It does not help with keeping the volume steady but that is a Pandora issue where their commercials are louder than the songs.

Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. It’s comfortable (except not really if you want to slide on your side on a firm pillow) and really user-friendly. The sound quality is obviously shit, but if you want to play a sound machine or listen to a podcast to cancel out your noisy neighbors, get this.

There is a way to adjust it on the product. (The manual was written by an 8-year-old). Press and hold the track back button to turn the volume down.