Koolulu Bluetooth Smartwatch for Android

I bought two watches one of mine does not work the red one what do

Oh no! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.



Won’t turn on or charge. Sorry I should have known it was too good to be true.

I’m very sorry. Make sure you give them a full charge on the first charge. Batteries are shipped completely drained for safety.

If that doesn’t work, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.

This is kind of a joke device. Bought one as it was dirt cheap…
First off… In the box was a poorly copied version of the instructions…someone needs photocopier training. Completely useless piece of paper.
Second… Battery life is a joke. Half a day before it chimes good bye.
Third… App is made for the Chinese play store so good luck getting the application.
Within the device “Anti Lost” Section “Looking Phone” does what exactly? Since everything is in Chinese it would cost more than the device to have translated.

Worth 16 bucks including shipping but only to play around with. Used it for 2 days.
Battery lasts less then 3 hours in multiple tests.
The sync process is interesting. You have to download a push BT Notification app apk which makes me nervous that they couldnt spend a few bucks and a few hours to get this in the play store. I assume most smart watches need a special app to make a lot of the features work so I am not completely turned off by it.
If you dont install their app, then it will act as a bluetooth headset. The speaker / mic is poor quality but they work.
Its “poorly” ported over into english and the documentation online is weak. I would never buy this for anyone other then someone who wanted to tinker with it. I am going to take it apart and see its guts.

Quite disappointed. The description said this would work with iOS devices but it does not because the required app is only available for Android. I can’t get the ringer to silence - volume and ring settings are seemingly ignored. A watch I can’t silence is useless to me. Seeking a full refund.

Sorry to disappoint everyone else but once I finally found the correct app to use the watch works fine. Make calls via BT etc. It was my initial foray into smartwatches to see if I really could use one before I layed out more $$. I eventually bought a KW18 and it is super. Sim/TF cards and pretty decent app to run it all. Glad I bought the Koolulu to see what it is all about. One other thing. The USB cord would not go far enough into the watch to get a good charge, kept falling out. I found another cord in my collection that has a longer male adapter. It goes all the way in, fits tight and no more charging troubles.